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 What participants have said:

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"I was highly triggered when I started this course, longing for healing and a path forward to thriving in my life. I had taken several NVC programs and this program really delivers what it promises. The teaching points are powerful, we explore each one in a pod, then practice in empathy sessions thereafter.  In this way, I am really learning the essence and practice of NVC on a new level, and I am able to integrate what I learn so it is serving me in a powerful way in my life.  I am celebrating the transformation I am undergoing!"  Dana, Compassionate Leadership 2013


"My harsh inner voices have calmed, and I am filed with celebration.  I feel a lot more integrated."  Anna Matheson, Compassionate Leadership 2011

"I came to this program with an intention for teaching peace and making a contribution out in the world.  As a result of this program I set some intentions that made a big difference internally, touching places I had not gone before."

"When I came to NVC I was into the structure and the skills, and now I see the quality of being this brings and the quality of community we create."

"I really like the structure. The retreats are full and intense. The Leadership Pods and connections between retreats maintain the group."

Peggy on the freedom to be herself:


"The word that keeps coming to me is sustenance - over a broad spectrum including growth, learning, mutuality."

"It's like a stew with 25 cooks in the kitchen. I am taking home a way I want to be in the world."

"It's wonderful to be in a community that is a microcosm of the world I want to see. I am willing to contribute to others in creating this, and how wonderful it is to have this here."

"Safety has been so important, and connection has grown... like a shedding of a very fine shell or film, an awareness of the lightness around that, and I have hopefulness and trust that I can sluff off more in the natural order."

"I have a sense of group - your needs are my needs."

"Having a Leadership Plan enabled shift to happen that I hadn't even thought would happen. It's like loosening a constriction to enable growth to happen."

Joy on self-assurance:

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"I came to the 2008 Compassionate Leadership conference with the intention of learning how to lead practice groups and becoming a certified trainer. Much to my surprise and delight, through the empathy buddy program, the development of a leadership plan, the leadership pods, and mentoring sessions as well as with the aid of life enhancing workshops, I am committed to writing life, empathy, and NVC affirming screenplays, promoting the creative expression of NVC consciousness in an internet discussion group, mentoring others in the creation of stories that express and promote NVC consciousness, and developing an empathy based international radio show. This is not Walter Mitty noodling, it is something that is part of a living breathing process with specific doable action steps. My cup runeth over with gratitude for the diverse mentoring styles of Jim and Jori Manske, Kathi Aichner, and Rodger Sorrow as well as the individuals who are part of my compassionate leadership community and the pulsing universe of my expanding heart. My needs for learning, authenticity, and growth as well as many others have been met in abundance. If you want to explore the skills and inner work that will promote your own adventure into becoming a part of the expansion of NVC consciousness, I recommend Compassionate Leadership 2009 and those programs that will, I pray, follow." -Craig Sones Cornell, MSEd, JD, Compassionate Leadership 2008 

"...with the tremendous support that I've received from you since my last request, both on the phone in empathy with a number of you, and from those of you who have been holding me in your hearts, I am making progress in connecting with my 9-yr. old son. I am so grateful to have had you all at my fingertips the moment crisis struck. I felt so supported just knowing that I could put the request out there, and know that it was received in the spirit of community and support. I don't know how any of us got along without this community of support before we came together. in gratitude..."

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