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Alara's Experience

by Alara Tiernan
I’ll be up front with my agenda for this piece of writing.  I would very much like to turn your head in this direction – toward a ‘yes’ for Compassionate Leadership.  Your heart is probably already turned on and tuned in.  But the head may need a bit more negotiation.  If your ‘inner accountant’ is the voice of  resistance, then I invite you to read on.  There are riche$ to be had here, of at least two kinds.  If your experience at CL is anything like mine or the 20 other participants from last year, you will deposit gobs of priceless inner wealth into your forever bank account, which in my opinion is the most secure and valuable investment anywhere in this dimension.  However, for those of us who eat and enjoy a roof over our noggins, I am also referring to deposits of the solidly three-dimensional “cha-ching!” variety as well.  The proof I have lies in my $tory.  

During Compassionate Leadership last year I chose to leave my mediocre career in search of something that met more of my needs.  Since that time, I have been offered four executive positions, offering more money, responsibility and growth than my previous employment.  In fact, two of those job offers came during the first 15 minutes of an initial phone interview!  Each opportunity was with successful companies in distinctly different genres of the business world, with dozens of competing applicants.  

Needless to say, this almost unbelievable reality was never before experienced by me in my working life.

What was the reason for this remarkable feedback I was getting?  I asked.  Within every answer was the identical theme:  my communication mastery and my presence.  It was startling and refreshing for these professionals to experience the contrasting quality of myself compared to the other applicants they were seeing.  Regardless of the field of business or job title I was applying for, these hiring authorities were hungry – no…starved – for genuine skillful conversation.  They saw and valued the affect it would have on the financial bottom line, as well as on the company culture and work environment.  These folks wanted me to help create a different world for them at work - they desired the world I most want to live in!
Pause for applause and deep bows, acknowledging the evolvement of our world, and the part we’ve all played in our unique and vital ways.

The happily ever after is that I chose a position which I greatly enjoy and am thrilled to be a part of.  I humbly credit the Compassionate Leadership intensive for my unparalleled edge in the job market.  This skill set will continue to pay me back exponentially for the resources I have invested.  
I’m curious if you see any way that the skills of connecting compassionately might affect your own bottom line.  The good news is that even if you don’t see the value, someone else very likely will!

My name is Alara Tiernan.  After receiving a super-duper-life-changing degree of payoff from my first year with CL, I want MORE!  I will be serving as participant and intern for the upcoming CL13 experience.  Should you wish to chat with a previous participant to support your decision process, I extend my welcoming invitation.    
You may email me at: 

Reader Comments (1)

Wow! I'm so excited when I read this article Alara!! It's really clear what you received from being in the CL program. I value the experience too as one that gave me confidence in expressing myself in a myriad of ways such as in my family, in my work as a board member with NVC Nashville, in workshops sitting in a circle and having a sense of belonging, ect. The love and support I received and receive from these trainers is a life long friendship I would've missed if I hadn't participated in CL. What a loss that would be for me today! The connection with people from CL11 and CL12 that I so love and value continues today too. My world community of nonviolent communication has increased due to my participation in CL and my heart is fuller with love and compassion.
Thank you for writing the article. I deeply resonate with your experience and passion.

January 22, 2013 | Unregistered Commentercarlene

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