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Alive But Not Living

by Faye Landey, CL Trainer 


Rodger's topic for the Taste of Compassionate Leadership free teleclass on April 21 entitled "Focus On Aliveness" caught my interest and brought up a recollection of my own experience of being alive for almost 55 years and not really living.

What was the turning point?  It took a trip to the cemetery with a close friend who invited me to lie down on my burial plot and envision my own funeral, think about who would be there, and imagine what would they say.

I can tell you that it is an eerie feeling, knowing that someday I would be not on top of the ground, but 6 feet under, and that I was not going to live forever.   Even though intellectually I realize that death is part of life, I was not ready for the actual experience of getting in touch with my own mortality, and it took more than an hour of weeping and grieving to muster up the courage to lie down on the ground with my head at my headstone.

Much of my sadness about death came from a realization that I was not sure anyone would attend my funeral, even my closest family members. I realized that I did not feel connected to myself nor those around me.

Now 15 years later, I remain grateful to my friend for the opportunity to take stock of my life, and even though it was startling at the time, I became aware that I was not living in the way I wanted.  It was a new beginning for me -I quit my job, and devoted my life to be on a search for what would bring me to a new vitality. 

It goes without saying that the foundations of NVC offered me tools to take my inner self seriously, to make life serving choices, and to be empowered to live the life I want. 

I am well on my way to being a more connected and compassionate human being no matter what venue I find myself.

I would like to invite you to join us on April 21, Saturday, by phone to get a deeper experience of the life of the energy that we call universal needs.

If you have not previously registered for any of the Taste classes, it's easy to do so --- click here for the "Free Teleclasses" button to register. No obligation. And while you are there, you can find the link to listen to previous teleclasses.

We hope this taste will impassion you to join us in the Compassionate Leadership program, in one of its many options as we learn together and support each other to inspire and create the compassionate world we want to live in.


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