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The Power of a Plan


by Jim Manske, CL Trainer

One of the cornerstones of Compassionate Leadership is the Roadmap to Compassionate Living, or Leadership Plan.  I’m continually inspired by the power of this tool to assist people in moving forward to living more fulfilling lives in alignment with their deepest values.  With the support of our Compassionate Leadership community and the coaching of our staff, participants create the clarity and motivation to achieve what is meaningful to them, for their own growth and their place in the world.

I’ve been using variations of this process for almost 40 years, and I’m confident that my life would have unfolded in a different way had I not utilized it.  The form has changed over the years, pointing out that clarity of intention and mindful attention have more importance than any specific format.  Using this process has resulted in a remarkably satisfying life doing what I most love to do, cradled in a community of compassion, wisdom and action.

The three main elements that give the Roadmap its power are Vision, Mission and Action.  Simply put, Vision refers to the end result that we would like to see manifest; Mission, the specific part we would like to play in bringing that Vision to fruition; and the Actions we take, from moment to moment, that propel us toward our Vision and fulfilling our Mission.  Each element is informed and empowered by a clear anchor in the present moment, even as one is impelled toward a more fulfilling future.  The Vision and Mission become powerful measuring sticks to clarify when the Actions we choose are in harmony with our deepest values.

My Vision is a world where people want to belong and contribute, where abundant well-being for everyone is supported by an ever-deepening awareness of all universal needs; in this world, Actions that support well-being naturally arise through connection to those needs and values.  My Mission is to contribute to manifesting this Vision by “living nonviolence”, and offering my gifts to facilitate others in learning alternatives to violence.  The Actions I take are in the realms of training, mediating, mentoring, and helping individuals, couples, communities and organizations to develop wholeheartedly.

I’m in the middle of dozens of Actions in support of this Mission, including writing this article.  My hope is that it contributes to your understanding and inspires you to take some steps to clarify your Vision, Mission, and Actions.  As you deepen your connection to your Vision and Mission, I’m confident that the Actions you take will help to bring my Vision to fruition.

Another part of my Mission is to discover and try innovative ways to support people in learning and living nonviolence.  To that end I have begun curating an online newspaper focused on “news that feeds your aspirations and inspirations”.  I feel so grateful to live in a world that supports me to offer inspiration to others with relative ease.  Its fun for me to find and post articles that I enjoy and learn from, and it magnifies the fun when others let me know how what I am doing affects them.  So, would you be willing to check out Radical Compassion and let me know what comes up for you?  I’m also eager to hear any responses to the ideas I’ve presented here about Vision, Mission and Aim.

To see the Radical Compassion online newspaper, go to:

Reader Comments (2)

Are you saying that your skills matrix is a road map?? I'm wanting clarity and guidance.

February 14, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMickey Judkovics

I really like the clarity of this article -- it explains the relationship between vision, mission, and actions in such a simple way. I also like it because it's very much in alignment with my own vision, mission, and actions. Thanks for posting.

February 14, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJean

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