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We've Come A Long Way, Baby - And The Ride is Just Beginning!

Faye Landey, CL Trainer

Change is inevitable, would you agree?  And it's looking pretty good for us humans.

The growth of Humanistic Psychology and Humanistic Technology* is well on its way, and Compassionate Leadership continues to play a major role in recognizing the value and potential of the individual human - now in the realm of  Business and Corporate performance.

Adding  an NVC and Business Track is our way of integrating Humanistic Technology into how we work, make a living, and treat one another in industry and commerce.


Faye Landey

In my life time alone I have seen monumental historic changes - mostly in science and technology and less so in the realm of the inner workings of the individual human.  Here are some examples of change that readily come to mind:    The family huddling around a five foot radio as the only method for receiving information, has now been replaced by a tiny smart phone that answers my questions and visually guides me to my destination.

I was fascinated taking my first propeller plane ride as a kid thinking that air travel had reached its zenith, and yet this summer I watched the Curiosity Rover Satellite landing on Mars.  (Saw it on my smart phone).    There seems to be no limit as to what the future of travel may hold for us.

The world is smaller, and  now access to resources from around the planet is at my fingertips: No longer do I have to wait for the local farmers to bring fresh veggies to the fruit stand on the corner... my local super market has vine ripe produce all year long.

Not all changes have been life serving in my opinion, so I won't devote any time discussing the continuing development of ways to destroy human life.

So What About the Human Factor?

Have we lagged behind in consideration of the impoverished worker and over looked respect for the human element while focusing on advancement and success?

When I was a child, factors of race, religion, age and gender blatantly served as impediments for careers, education and social inclusion. There was little or no appreciation for the individual underneath the skin color, gender, nationality or religious affiliation. In fact inherent talents and gifts of an individual were rejected in favor of homogeneity and conformity.

Words like mindfulness, interpersonal growth, yoga, meditation, intuition, soul  and self-actualization were banished from  mainstream society and propriety.

This brings me to today: there truly is a new dawning!   I am bursting with excitement about the focus on the inner self - the  interest, needs, and well-being of the individual human.

The fundamental belief of humanistic psychology and humanistic technology is that people are innately good and that mental and social problems result from deviations from this natural tendency.

Recognize any similarity between these words and Rosenberg's concepts of universal needs of all humans and that violence is a tragic expression of unmet needs?



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