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"Come On In . . . "

By Carlene Robinson, CL11 participant, CL12 intern

My name is Carlene Robinson. I am so happy to belong to the CL Family by being a member of CL 2011 and an intern for CL12. It is from this experience I write to you. The 2012 Compassionate Leadership Team is contributing to the program with a welcome that says "Come on in and be with us......even for one retreat!"

There isn't space in this format for ALL I want to say about the Compassionate Leadership Program and the varied opportunities for growth, learning, and community it offers to the world. These needs, these important life serving needs, are translated into meaning experientially.  The offer to participate in the 2012 CL program for one retreat is but a sample of my meaningful experience where inclusiveness, flexibility, authentic expression of one's self in the moment, and space to be with what is alive is welcomed. In CL11, there were several people who participated in the program in varying degrees of retreat commitment. Each person is someone with whom today I still have a connection. Members of CL11 continue to have a community phone call once a month and those that weren't in the program for the full 8 months are as much a part of the community calls as those who completed the program in its entirety. Last year, at the International Intensive Training in Albuquerque, I met a woman who completed CL 2009. Instantly, our eyes quickened to the beat of our hearts where consciously we knew one another as family through CL! No matter where I go, when I meet someone who has belonged to this program, it's as though we know one another without asking all the cultural questions such as where are you from and what do you do. We know our hearts!! You see, the vision CL holds dear is that we get to create the world in  which we want to live. When that happens, my world then becomes larger with people who share this vision and consciousness. Any time my path crosses with someone who was welcomed into the CL program for one retreat or for the entire program, I'm immediately connected to meaning in our worlds because we share a common experience. The experience is one of family and the way I want to enjoy and contribute in a family today. The experience is one of vulnerability and authenticity where we trust one another's words and actions. The experience is one of love and support where I'm allowed to drink from the cup of community as much or as little as I want.


I believe I was made for community. Sometimes, the journey to this truth isn't easy and moves slowly. In the Compassionate Leadership Program, I experienced this truth for myself. It has been transformative and is revealed to me daily by the way I show up in the world with confidence and reassurance that I belong.  I guess that's why I want you to come and see for yourself by accepting this warm invitation to the first retreat. Whether you sample the cup of community for one retreat or for all three, you will take with you wherever you go the energy of choice-full living people making a difference in their worlds. It may be what you've been looking for all along too.

I'll see you when we get there.

My cup runneth over!


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