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More choice and inner freedom
More deeply fulfilling relationships
Expressing yourself powerfully in full alignment with your values
A plan and support in leading the life you want

Tools to change the world...Literally 

The Compassionate Leadership Training team hopes you are thriving.  We invite you to consider these options as we expand the classes and programs we offer.

Next steps for Rodger Sorrow include organizing the world's largest NVC Conference in April and supporting NVC in Southern California.  Faye Landey is focusing her training energy on the CALF program. Jim and Jori Manske are continuing their various programs, and supporting NVC in Hawai'i, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, the US mainland, through NVC Academy and wherever they are called.

"I have already received more in the first retreat than I expected in the entire eight months!"  
~Lisa Hildebrand, Dir. of Education, Ventura Charter School, CL'10

Join our compassionate leadership community to deepen your knowledge and skill in living your passion with authenticity and compassion. Create your plan to lead your life and grow in your capacity to manifest your vision.

"I could read a billion books and never get the growth I have had here."
~Margo Parmenter, Compassionate Leadership '08 


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